April 16, 2016

Tuesday around 3:00pm head winds, heavy rain and lightening caused us to abandon the day. Yes day, I put in 83 miles mostly uphill to 6,000 feet and today, meant to a rest day I covered just 54 miles to Alpine Texas and so once again on schedule. Some rest day.

This p...

April 14, 2016

In our first of thirteen days to cross Texas we were forced by head winds, heavy rain and lightening to abandon the ride and drive into town. Today we went back to where I stopped and started again. It's going to be impossible to catch up today as it would be 146 miles...

April 13, 2016

Did 105 miles yesterday and have 127 scheduled for today. Weather is much cooler now and the winds have been behind us. Have now had four punctures.

I wondered if I would get stronger or weaker as each day passed. Seems to be no change except that I am getting darker...

April 12, 2016

Today started out with strong tail winds. Two punctures later I finished up some two hours behind Hilmir. In a remote area of New Mexico we made it to a small motel. Dinner, fine wine and we start again tomorrow but I will go back some twenty miles so as to complete ev...

April 12, 2016

On the way to El Paso, TX in Pecan Farm Country.

April 11, 2016

Eight days of cycling and some 665 miles through heat and mountains of California, Arizona and now into New Mexico. Not yet averaging the 103 per day but none the less on schedule as planned. After Austin, Texas its flatter and we will be in increasingly good form - we...

April 10, 2016

We covered 78 miles (125 km), going to an elevation of 4600 feet (1400m). But even after the considerable descent into Duncan, we are still at above 4200 feet (1300m) at the end of the day in Lordsburg. 

April 9, 2016

Day 7 was an easy day!  We bicycled 73 miles in headwinds for most of the time.  It was relatively cool 82 degrees.  Taylor Freeze Restaurant in Pima, AZ is along our route and they have a wall that they post photos of riders going cross country.  At the end of our eve...

April 7, 2016

Day 5 was just less than 80 miles.  We had to navigate through the bike paths in Phoenix.  Hilmir and I rode over some gravel and when we were riding on I had a flat rear tire.  We fixed the tire and then noticed my front tire was also flat so we fixed the front tire....

April 7, 2016

Our RV has broken down and needs be towed for service. Hilmir and Skylohr started at usual time. I will start an hour or plus late. Catherine will stay with RV while its towed and repaired.

t's a 3,000 foot climb to Top of The World, and going to be 100 degrees today. W...

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