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Emergencies, Spare Parts and Training

We are currently busy trying to prepare for each and every possible emergency and decide how much preparation is practical. For instance, with the autopilots failing twice already we now have three on board, and each is separate from the other. We are also preparing for possible events, such as: lightning strikes and loss of power.

In case this happens, I have spare batteries for everything and if I must, I can use the generator but then the trip will no longer be green. Therefore, I shall try to struggle on without any power - just as Christopher Columbus did. Other potential situations could include:

  • Loss of windows in a storm and roll over. We have made wooden replacements that can be attached and thus preventing water from coming in.

  • Collision with an iceberg, log, container, etc. That's why I have a sacrificial bow and five water-tight bulkheads. The most forward bulkhead will be stuffed with flotation gear to keep the water out and the boat buoyant.

  • Loss of rudder. We have a spare rudder with brackets to mount it and in practice I did it solo while at sea.

  • Loss of mast. This could ruin my day, and the trip, unless I can rig what is called a jury rig, which will enable me to continue the sail and gain forward propulsion.

  • Loss of keel. This is the end of any voyage and it happens with alarming frequency.

I am confident in the design and build, and now as we start to reassemble the boat after a thorough stripping and inspection, I know the boat will be ready - as will I.

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