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Weather or Not

There is no question of the time and date of my departure. By contrast sailing records, such as a transatlantic bid, are usually weather dependent. The crew and support crew have the boat fully ready but wait for the most favorable conditions to attempt the speed record. But I shall be out there for some 130-140 days and possibly more, and so the weather on day one is of little consequence. When Dodge Morgan set out (his is the record of 150 days that I am after) there was no wind for several hours and he just lulled around waiting for a breeze. He was maddened by the many boats filled with well wishes and tried to wave them goodbye, wanting them to leave him to his frustration. Hopefully I will have a favorable breeze, but regardless I shall be leaving on time. Only very strong winds making an exit out through the narrow channel to the sea, which has dangerous shoals on each side of the cut, could possibly delay the start. I will delay for safety and safety reasons only.

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