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2016 - A Busy Year

2016 will be a very busy year with some rather lofty and ambitious plans and some difficult decisions.

1. The year starts with the challenge to raise participation in the Bicycle Across America, 3,000 miles in 30 days with three days’ rest to raise money for much needed physical therapy research. We start April 1st and we seek persons to enter and persons to sponsor. You may do both at and to get full information go to my 40 page document go to You may join us for a day, a weekend, across a state or go the whole way – student’s half price and their funds go to their schools Marquette Challenge account.

2. At the end of January I am off to Kiel, Germany where they have in build now a 53 foot Finot Conq design (shown above). It’s being built for another yachtsman but if it inspires me, and that a big if, I shall have my team take a serious look at what I can do to have it ready for a 2017 third attempt at a solo non-stop circumnavigation. Yes it’s possible but not on the old Kiwi Spirit as she has let me down twice through no fault of design or build but facts are facts and my heart just can’t try in her again. I shall keep you posted. If I like what I see in Kiel I shall go immediately to the Dusseldorf Boat Show, the largest in all of Europe and see what’s the latest in gear, sails etc. And then my last two days in Germany will be visiting with my professional mentor of the 1960’s Dr. Freddy Kaltenborn formerly of Norway and now of Germany. He is 15 years older than me and blazed the way in my field – he is 93.

A decision on a third try at a solo circumnavigation will be made before the end of February 2016. Incidentally, there are currently two solo sailors out there now attempting a solo non-stop circumnavigation. Both are much younger than me and in smaller boats. One is trying to break the 137 day record set two years ago but seems to be going a little slow. No one has yet done it green and at 80 I would be far and away the oldest – stay tuned.

3. July it’s the Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Key West, Florida – 5,300 miles in we hope 7 days on motor cycles. Son Alan is coming up from New Zealand to join me and about three others.

By the way I spent New Year’s Eve in Iceland of all places. The sun rose (that’s an exaggeration) at 11:30 am and set at 3:30 pm. Beautiful country when you can see it but we were with friends and had a splendid time.

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