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Kiwi Spirit Arrives St. Augustine

Dodging weather systems Kiwi Spirit II has been safely delivered to Florida and now sits at the end of my dock. First up is to remove all gear not needed for solo sailing such as bedding, extra plates, cups etc. Next week my son Alan arrives and Project Manager, Steve Pettengill will instruct us in all the modifications that were completed at Lyman Morse yards in Maine.

It is then full-on sail training each day for two weeks. Kiwi will then goe to be hauled out for a cleaning and painting of her bottom, removal of bow and stern thrusters, anchor and chain. She returns to the dock where food and other supplies will be loaded for the start of my third and final attempt at a solo nonstop non-assisted circumnavigation. The departure date is 18th November at approximately 10:00am from the City Dock to return there some 150 days later.

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