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Circumnavigators - It’s Getting Crowded Out There

Solo sailing is literally taking off. It was only 50 years ago that Sir Robin Knox Johnson became the first person to complete a solo non-stop (England and back to England). Now this year some 23 sailors signed up for the Golden Globe to repeat that event. Only 18 started and one who had twice scaled Mt Everest cancelled out just a few days before commenting that “solo sailing was like driving while sitting in the back seat of a car with no one at the wheel.” Misfortune has befallen many in the fleet. Currently nearing the halfway mark of Tasmania only 8 of the original 18 boat remain in the event. That’s what I am up against and I know it all too well.

Also, at this time a record of 124 solo boats have set out from France to race to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. The sport of solo sailing is really, as I said, taking off.

Additionally, Jean Socrates who at 71 became the oldest woman to solo non-stop is now at 76 and is currently trying again. She departed Vancouver on October 3rd. Jean’s goal is to become the oldest circumnavigator, a record currently held by a 73-year-old. Well, good luck Jean, but I am 81.

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