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Off to Main but weather held me in St. Augustine

Unusual weather patterns in St. Augustine this past weekend held the Kiwi Spirit in St. Augustine a few days longer than planned. Winds were out of the northeast at 20 plus knots and we had had torrential rains with street flooding. Such winds blowing against the Gulf Stream, which we must cross as we go north, whip up huge and dangerous seas. So we waited. Now that we are headed for Maine, we are back on schedule for work to be done which includes putting electrical motors into the winches to improve sail handling. Also, we will relocate the radar from the radar arch to the front of the mast. On the arch the radar’s view was blocked by the boom and mast, both of which are made of carbon fiber, which is a strong and light material, but one that the radar cannot see through. These changes are necessary before I begin the three races in June and July that will further develop my skills and further define the changes to be made before the beginning of the circumnavigation on November 30th.

Follow me on Yellow Brick, which can be found here, and watch the progress up the coast to Maine.

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