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A Close Call

Kiwi Spirit with autopilots repaired, has departed Cape Town, South Africa for St. Augustine Florida, with Steve Pettengill and a crew of two. Progress can be monitored on Yellow Brick.

In my last blog I explained that the reasons for ending the solo attempt and pulling into Cape Town was due to autopilot failure and slow progress after a delayed start. However it was just as well as on my last day in Cape Town before flying home I had a health issue. Due to an enlarged prostate I was not able to urinate. Had I not ended the voyage in Cape Town and decided to continue on – well I would not have made it to the next port for the necessary catheter and my life would have ended. I know this is a personal matter but in the interest of full disclosure I thought it important to inform. We take many risks when we go off-shore. As a younger man I never truly considered health risks – just the physical dangers. Now as an octogenarian I have to place health risks at the top of the list. Surgery is scheduled in just a few days time.

I have cancelled plans to sail in the bi-annual Newport Bermuda Race this June, but have every intention of participating in the Bermuda One-Two next year, that’s me solo to Bermuda and a double handed return. Stay tuned.


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