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A Week Since Rounding Bermuda

Pushing on steadily to the east to gain the trade winds. In three days time I head SE as directed by Commanders Weather, my service that guides me via email satellite connection. It's been a struggle with my record ever low mileage of 68 miles. As a cruising sailor I would use the engine when speeds drop to say 4 knots. But by the rules of solo circumnavigation laid down by the World Sailing Speed Record Council the engine is sealed and cannot be used. Miles for the weeks have been 181, 160, 205, 148, 68, 114, and 148.

Green Flash is for Real: I have always doubted reports of a "green flash" of light as the sun passes below the horizon. Looked many a time and never saw it. Perhaps I was looking for a flash to shoot thru the water. But last night just after the sun had dipped below the horizon I saw a lollipop shaped brilliant turquoise green flash. I will continue to look henceforth for it is a worthwhile sight which can only and rarely be seen at sea at sunset.


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