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Kiwi Spirit to start last in Solo Newport to Bermuda - will win Division

Now in Newport, Rhode Island making final preparations for the race to begin at noon on Saturday. I have been informed by one of the race organizers that I am to start last "so the other boats can see me sail through.” However, I know I will my division, since I have the only boat in that division! The rules say that boats are to be limited to 60 feet but Kiwi Spirit measures at 63 feet, which makes her entry in the race as invitational. That is fine by me!

Had a great experience sailing to Newport, demonstrating my boat’s speed. I was motoring into deep water and while below lowering the keel from her up position of 8'6" to her down of 14'10" a large schooner drew near. She must have been seventy or eighty feet and built some twenty years ago, with full sails up. She was heeled over and looked to be going fast. I raised my genoa, the large head sail, and Kiwi Spirit took off. Within minutes I was well ahead and within an hour I could barely see her a mile or so behind. I was doing 10 knots (11 mph) and still with just one sail up, not even the main. Have to feel good about that.

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