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Provisioning plans are well underway. Questions remain however, such as how many tubes of toothpaste and rolls of toilet paper does one need? And most importantly, how many days do I provision for? The record Bermuda to Bermuda is 150 days but I must add three days to get there from St. Augustine and three days back - so 156. But what if I have an emergency such as a broken mast or weakened mast support and must sail more slowly? How many days now must I provision for? I must finish, as the one record I am most wanting to break is to be the oldest to complete the sail at the age of 76. Thus I am provisioning for 200 days just in case.

Of the 200 days, I shall provision sufficient meat and fish in the freezer for 100 days. Of course I could lose all of this food if I lose power from a systems failure, or more likely from a lightning strike. After that, I will be dependent on dehydrated foods and emergency (tasteless) life raft supplies. Both are an incentive to get home fast.

I will also be bringing two fishing rods and a box of lures. Any fish caught will be in addition to my provisioning and no doubt a welcome change to the diet.

Making and collecting water will be important for cooking, drinking and for hygiene purposes. I will leave with full tanks. I have designed the sails and deck to catch rain water and send it to the tanks. Then I have two water makers, though they are prone to failure. In sturdy plastic containers I will keep twenty gallons in an emergency reserve. At my sink I have both fresh water and salt water. When supplies are low, washing will be in salt water only. The same will be true for personal hygiene.

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