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Seventy Six and Still Learning

One of the more exciting elements of this voyage is all the new learning that I am engaged in, which will better enable me to sail fast, sail safely and to be able to make repairs and better handle emergencies. Also, high on the list is being as medically as safe as I can be. Being a physical therapist will be a great help with musculoskeletal problems, but not with medical situations.

The list of spares and items such as life rafts (2) that I hope never to use keeps growing. It is like insurance…how much do you buy? There is a trade off between what is necessary, what might be needed, the cost and finally, the weight. If I was super cautious and brought on board all possible needs, the boat would be way over weight capacity.

The builders here at Lyman Morse in Maine are instructing me in all manner of new skills from plumbing, electrical, imaging, fixing lines and fittings. We recently had a conversation to help consider all the possible emergencies and what ability I might have to address them, as well as what tools and supplies I would need. It was a doomsday conversation in many respects and a rather depressing one for a land lubber, but to me is was all very exciting.

Medically I took a two-day course in England and now have a twenty-four hour medical service to help me use the medical supply kit that was part of the program. Should I have a problem with health, I call them, give signs and symptoms, they make the diagnosis, and tell me which numbered item I am to use. Everything from morphine to sutures, for burns and even fractures.

As I like to say - life is not without risk. It is simply a matter of how much you are willing to face and what preparation you will make to minimize the risk. Please be careful when you next cross a street.

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