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Maine to St. Augustine

The last solo before the “Big One.” Overall, it was a good trip made in good time. I covered 1,250 miles in just over six days. I did not feel great about my performance due to my impatience to get home to St. Augustine on the weekend and before deteriorating weather. The first two days, I had great sailing with many an hour at over nine knots. Anything over nine and I feel great. Anything under five - well that's what engines are for. So after two days of fine sailing, I entered an atmospheric high and on went the motor to motorsail (engine and sails working together). By Saturday, when I could have sailed with the A2 in 12 knots wind for around 5 knots towards my destination, I still elected to motor sail to get home on Sunday evening when I would have a high tide and hands on the dock to help. Monday’s weather looked troubled and there would be no hands to help. Thus, I did not use the flying sails as anticipated.

I also noted that I was lazy the first two days at sea and that it was only on the third day that my energy picked up and I started running around the boat making up for lost time. A video of my departure as well as some additional newspaper reports will be coming soon. Some 200 were on the dock at Lyman Morse to see me off.

The sea life was unremarkable. Saw dolphins twice and heard them puffing alongside at night. I was below when it sounded like a dozen woodpeckers had attacked my hull only to realize that flying fish, being chased by other fish, had taken to the air with their swift speed and spread fins had collided with my boat - ouch! Also, three birds landed, took up temporary residence and hitch hiked some of the way to Florida.

Now in St. Augustine with seven weeks to go, much remains to be done. Still having problem with one of the autopilots and some new sail handling lines are yet to arrive. There is time however.

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