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Twenty Two Days to Go

It’s getting close and I am trying to stay cool. On Friday I flew to England and came back Sunday night - true! It was for the AGM of the Channel Swimming Association, and due to my involvement with the sailing project, I have not attended a meeting in the past year. Still they were forgiving and I was re-elected as Vice President. I suspect with two successful swims and the record for being the oldest to have tried, they took pity on me and wished me well on the voyage. I also picked up six certificates for the six successful members of the University of St. Augustine Channel Swimming Relay Team. It's the second time we fielded a team and both times we were successful.

Names of those who are sailing around the world with me, by donating to the Foundation for Physical Therapy, are on the boat. See accompanying photo. Still not too late to add yours, though it may go on a poster sheet and be attached upon my return in time for the boat shows. All monies are given directly to the Foundation for Physical Therapy to assist with research to better improve our ability to restore, maintain and enhance physical functioning. $100 dollars gets your name and $150 for your family’s name.

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