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Hundreds Visit Kiwi Spirit

We have had several parties at our dock, and with two more to go before my departure, literally hundreds have taken a tour of the boat in groups of six. First on Friday, it was faculty and staff of the University. Saturday it was several yacht clubs in the area and a running club. More than two hundred on that night alone. On Monday, we will have city officials and business friends, and then the night before I leave family and friends who have come from afar, including the yacht designer and builder. It is getting hectic now.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my wife, Catherine, for all her support both in permitting me to undertake this adventure and for never once questioning my decision. She has helped with every step of the process, lending me all manner of support. She has allowed the year to focus on my need to place the circumnavigation first. Of course, next year will be payback time! Thank you, Catherine.

Everyone is asking me if I am excited, nervous, anxious, etc. My response is that I am trying to stay cool. True, I am just trying to live as normally as I can under the circumstances, not getting emotional or reclusive, just being myself and being as ready as I can. A long list of last minute buys is about to be completed, inventory is completed, as well as processes and procedure are completed. I am about as ready as I could possibly be and could sail tomorrow - but will wait till I leave the dock at 4:00 pm on Saturday, November 30th for the 4:30 opening. I am now tracking the weather.

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