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Who is Out There – Winter is Coming

Commanders Weather, who will be providing me with weather and routing services, have two other boats out there at present. One is David Resnick, who is in the South Atlantic but is making multiple stops. The other was David Liano, who unfortunately had to return to Acapulco due to medical problems.

The reason I have chosen to leave in late November is that it will place me in the Southern Oceans in the summer time where it will be a little warmer and the days will be much longer. Both are important, though the southern spring and fall are calmer weather-wise than the summer.

There is another race underway, the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. This event was organized by Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, who was the first person to complete a non-stop voyage. He took 313 days and I hope to do it in 130 – such are technological and design advances. Incidentally, Sir Robin even now is still younger than me!

The Clipper fleet is multi-crewed, has multiple stops and has been experiencing rough weather, including 100 knot winds (110 mph). There are twelve boats in that event and they are at present in the Indian Ocean between South Africa and Australia – some of the roughest seas. It will be interesting to see how my boat and I manage such winds. I do expect to be knocked on my side at least twice. To that end I have safety nets, as well as lash on point for my harness. During extreme weather I will be wearing a padded vest and a climber’s helmet. However, I am not likely to say “bring it on.” Let’s hope I get lucky.

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