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Game On - Start of Record Attempt

On Saturday, December 7th at 1415 Zulu (International time based on Greenwich, England and also known as GMT and UTC), or 9:15am back home in St. Augustine, I crossed the line 0.8 nm due east of St. David’s Lighthouse to begin my challenge on the 150 day, 6 hour record, as well as to become the oldest and the first ever green. Bermuda Radio tracked the start and the "black box" issued by the World Sailing Speed Record Council was also monitoring. In addition, I forced an update on my Yellow Brick, which can be seen on my website. Yes, I was a little emotional but it soon passed, and I got on with changing my course to bear away from a group of coral reefs that were fast approaching. The start was as Dodge Morgan, the record holder set it, one mile from the Lighthouse. However, I noted only this morning that on his return he was three miles off shore when he re-crossed the line to finish. I shall follow suit, especially should I come in at night.

The voyage from St. Augustine was uneventful, and the time of five days and two hours was my best to date.

I see that the winds for the next few days will be light and so I expect to fall behind Dodge Morgan’s average of 171.84 miles a day. Tomorrow I will get out a spinnaker (light air sail) and see if I can go faster. But for now, I am enjoying the moment. Four years of planning and execution…its game on.

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