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Plenty of Wind and Power

At long last I am getting good winds and have begun to head SE. This morning the wind has been from the SSW at between 17 and 23 knots (about 19 to 25 mph). Seas are heavy. I reduced the sails from big genoa to jib and took the first of three possible reefs in the main. Did not lose any speed, but boat sailed more upright and much more comfortable, proving I had been over powered. From noon yesterday to noon today I have covered 252 miles - a record for the trip thus far. Dodge's best was 225 on the entire voyage. After a slow start I am closing on him.

Talking of power, I now have the batteries at 93.5% charge and with winds good for at least the next twenty four hours, I can start to do some things with the power that have been putting on hold. This includes:

. Making water with the osmosis water maker and filling the tanks . Turning on the hot water heater . Washing the dishes in hot soapy water . Changing and washing clothes . Washing myself in the shower . Baking muffins, making bread and having pancakes with maple syrup . Rejoicing

Life is good.

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