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Day Ten Summary

Yes, it is day 16 since leaving St. Augustine to set a new record as first to circumnavigate from St. Augustine, but day ten of challenging the record set by Dodge Morgan from Bermuda and back non-stop and non-assisted.

I got off to a slow start with a weak weather system gaining only 105, 104 and 122 miles on the first three days, whereas Dodge had recorded 175, 175 and 184. He was clearly ahead. But in the last three days I have recorded 212, 217, and 236 miles, whereas Dodge did 190, 173, 123. Plotting our respective positions on the chart, I am a little to the north of him and 180 miles east - thus a day ahead given he averaged 171.8 miles a day.

Boat and crew holding up well in this close reach (into the wind). Waves 10-15 feet, sustained winds of 28-32 knots and gusts to 35. It’s a rough ride. No signs of mutiny as of yet, but we are still in the early days. Any such signs and they will wish they were on the Bounty with Captain Bligh!

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