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It Takes a Team

While I have crossed oceans before and circumnavigated without the assistance of a shore-based team, an undertaking of this magnitude, on this yacht requires a shore-based team. In this blog, I would like to acknowledge them and their roles.

First, there is Farr Yacht Design and its president, Patrick Shaughnessy. They designed the boat, the hydraulic keel system and a number of other items that might require some expert advice should they malfunction. Next are the builders of the Kiwi Spirit, namely Lyman Morse of Thomaston, Maine. They are headed by father/son Cabot, Drew Lyman and project manager, Lance Buchanan. They, along with experts in all areas, from hull construction, electrics, electronics, hydraulics, rigging etc, are on standby and available 24/7 should I need to call them. Sails are by North Sails out of Ft. Lauderdale and managed by Mike Toppa. I am using their 3Di sails, and so far so good. Helping with weather forecasts and advising on the best route is Ken Campbell and his team at Commanders Weather. And I must not forget Kelly Kuecker, who is managing the website and takes my blogs, corrects the typos and posts them. Finally, my wife, Catherine, family, and especially my son Alan, who has also circumnavigated alone. Alan sailed with me in the double-handed leg of the Bermuda One Two, and you may recall we gained line honors (first to finish) in both legs. He has much wisdom to share.

To each of you, I will owe any measure of success that we may achieve. I’m fortunate to have such a team. Ken Campbell of Commanders Weather said it pretty well the other day when he emailed: "you cannot set a record if Kiwi Spirit breaks, and more importantly, there is no record without Stanley Paris. You must make it home safely." Thanks Ken, and thanks to me team.

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