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Leg II complete!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and thank you for following me - the numbers are surprisingly quite high! My son had packed a small Christmas tree on board and I had some presents in a stocking. At the last minute I had to email my son with instructions to buy a Christmas present for my wife, Catherine. In my focus to get away, provisions, spares, charts, details and more details, I had been so on the project that I forgot to provide thoughts concerning Christmas. Shame on me. Thanks son. In the early morning of Christmas Eve we crossed the equator off the north east corner of Brazil and, no surprise, on the latitude of Equator. It was a bright and beautiful day, the best yet. I am using it to catch up on sleep, as going through the doldrums with their confusing wind directions and squalls, as many as two an hour, and with damage to the mainsail battens etc, I had my hands full. Rest today, work tomorrow. It is the end of Leg II. I have divided the voyage into the following Legs: > Leg I: St. Augustine to Bermuda - done > Leg II: To the North East corner of Brazil - done > Leg III: To the South Atlantic, where I begin the turn east to pass under South Africa, Australia and New Zealand > Leg IV: Rounding Cape Horn and heading back north > Leg V: From the North East corner of Brazil to Bermuda and the official finishing line > Leg VI: To St. Augustine and a new first, as no boat has circumnavigated non-stop from St. Augustine.

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