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Tristian, Nightingale and Inaccessible Island Coming Up

Now in the deep-south Atlantic, I need to be aware that there are some islands. Among which are the ones mentioned in the title of this post. I also might see more. They are small dots on the map/charts, but oh my, how they can hurt if not respected. "Inaccessible" is a good name for one of the three islands, and should make it clear to me that I should not under any circumstances attempt a landing - which of course I will not do, for it would disqualify me from this non-stop event. The only problem is that throughout my adventurous life words and phrases like "inaccessible," "you can’t do that," "it’s not possible," and "there is no way," and even at times "no entry," have been nothing but challenges to me… and at times led me into hot water. And so, I find myself here in the South Atlantic, approaching the formidable Southern Ocean because when some said "you’re too old for that," "you'll be lonely, over exerted, you can’t cook," "you won’t be able to find the time" and other such remarks, they were the words that made it even more likely that I would give it a try. It is within my norms and what my life has been all about to challenge. Challenge, adventure, pushing the envelope, and striving for, but not always attaining success. Never…never being handicapped by the fear of failure.

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