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Coming to a Decision - Making the Yacht "Stanley Centric"

While I am hesitant to use the term "Stanley Centric," it is indeed a suitable term for what Kiwi Spirit now needs to become single handed and for me to successfully circumnavigate the globe. No point in starting again if I cannot have a boat in which I have complete confidence, and which has been adapted in every way possible for a solo sailor of my age and abilities. The boat and I have now done a few miles- most of them solo- my weaknesses and those of the boat have been exposed. If it’s true that you learn more from failure than success, and I support that statement, then we have learned a great deal. It is now being communicated to the key players on my team. This has been the subject for these last few weeks as I have had long discussions and visits with North Sails, Farr Yacht Design, Commanders Weather and Lyman Morse Builders. All parties have been most helpful – open minded, non-defensive and with a restart in mind.

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