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Future Blogs – Help Wanted

From now until the departure in early November, there will be just a few blogs. I leave on the 23rd of this month to go to Antigua to greet the boat and the three members of the delivery crew who are bringing the boat from South Africa. A week later I will sail the boat to St. Augustine. Then in June, I will sail it again to Lyman Morse in Maine where the work will begin. Then to Newport, Rhode Island for additional work. I will report briefly on each of these activities.

I will also be vacationing with family in New Zealand and France this spring and summer. Additionally, I am once again in a swimming relay team to swim across the English Channel in August. This will be my third relay and we are all over 70 years, a first, and of course at age 77, I will be the oldest not just in the team, but to have ever been in across in a Channel relay. Both my previous relays were successful, as were two of my five solo swims. I will briefly blog on these travels and events.

I have been very surprised at how well received my blogs became. While some of my sailing friends said there was too little sailing information, I felt that such material is in abundance elsewhere and that I was best to write for my family, friends and non-sailors in general. But I would like some help.

When recently speaking to a group that had English as a second language, I asked what you would like to read more of next time. The first answer was “storms.” “OK,” I responded. “How many do you want?”

So here I am asking for ideas. If you have any topics that you would like me to address either before I start out again or during the voyage itself, please send them to Kelly Kuecker at Kelly is the lady who manages my blogs. Understand that once “under way” I do not read Blogs or Facebook as I have enough to do, and wish to avoid distractions. However, key comments and requests are forwarded to me by email and I can respond to them.

Thank you for your understanding.

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