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Failure - It’s Being Talked About

There has been a lot of talk of failure as of late. Failure of equipment, of efforts to find a downed plane and to solve issues in Crimea. It seems that failure is just a fact of life, and we must recognize that and learn to live with it. Those that experience the most failure are those that take on the challenges of life, be it in business or in recreation. The fear of failure causes all too many to stay on the couch rather than to take on a challenge. Winning is not important. Taking part is. Being involved is success enough and if we should fail, then at least we tried, not letting the fear of failure stop us from really living.

With the above in mind, I shall be trying again to circumnavigate solo - that is a surprise to no one who knows me. I know, however, it will be my last attempt as time and, yes, expense limit me from a third effort. So it's really "unfinished business." No room for romanticism - just spending time on all issues leading up to the departure, and then planning to sail as fast and as safety I can. Staying focused will be important. That said, I do have one side bar-this August, when I shall be in a cross English Channel relay swim. But training for that will be of benefit for the circumnavigation. Physically I have set April 1st as the beginning of my physical training regime.

Incidentally, had I not abandoned the circumnavigation - I would have been arriving in St. Augustine about now!

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