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10:00 am Departure, Sunday November 9th

Departure from City Dock is confirmed for 10:00 am Sunday. It's a go and all is ready. Kiwi Spirit is chomping at the bit almost ripping out her dock lines! Tomorrow morning she will move to the city dock where she will stay till 10:00 am Sunday. Tow Boat US will tow her out as engines are sealed and the bow-thruster has been removed. We are to go green again and no extra weight. My son Alan, a circumnavigator in his own right, has flown in from New Zealand for the occasion and will be on board for the tow out and sail hoisting. He will then jump off to a Tow Boat US boat before I cross the official start line. The official start of the voyage, monitored by the World Sailing Speed Record Council will be from the outer buoy about one mile offshore. At that point the tow will be released and the bow pointed to Bermuda, the first leg of the non-stop solo voyage. Kiwi Spirit is ready and so am I. To all who follow this voyage I know you wish me well. Be assured I intend not to disappoint.

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