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Bermuda Rounded and On My Way for the Existing Records

After six and a half days I crossed the 900+ miles to Bermuda and at 1:46 pm EST I crossed the start line with a strong breeze. Bermuda radio which directs all shipping traffic were most cooperative logging start time etc. I am also being monitored by the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) which has a transmitter on board. I also hit the yellow brick messenger sending up a location point as I crossed the line and before bearing off onto my new course - southeast to the Caribbean and points beyond. Click on the yellow brick link on my home page. Back in the 1970's Bermuda was home to me. I moved from Boston, bought a 120 guest hotel and 28 acres. As owner/manager, I turned the hotel into a health resort complete with nutritious menus, exercise, yoga, hiking, a health and beauty spa and a medical and physical therapy clinic. Sports included swimming, tennis and yes we had five small Sunfish yachts. Bermuda is only one and a half hours from my interests in Boston and so I did not feel I had left America. I would spend the mornings in the clinic and the afternoon and early evenings in the hotel. Yesterday it was fun to round her coral protected shoreline and to remember the beautiful pink sand beaches and diving amongst the reefs often to retrieve edible clams. For a moment I thought of pulling into St. Georges Harbour for a cool draft beer - but that would have broken the rules. My wife said the first blog was fine but there was no mention of her. So after that last sentence I guess I am covered it this time! Stanley

Loving Husband of Catherine

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