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Tenth Day Post Bermuda

North of Brazil ten days since after sailing for six days from St. Augustine, I rounded Bermuda to begin the challenge on Dodge Morgan's 150 day solo circumnavigation from Bermuda to Bermuda. On my first attempt last year, I was dogged with weak winds so that at the 5th day I was already two days behind him. This time there has been plenty of wind but unfortunately most of it on the nose. A sailing boat cannot go straight into the wind. The best they can do is around 30-50 degrees off depending on the design and sea state. So I have had to tack back and forth adding many miles to the route. It’s been a struggle but I am pleased that as of noon today, on the tenth day I am 197 miles ahead of Dodge Morgan. Since he averaged 174 miles a day for the voyage I am just a little over a day ahead of him. Of course its early days but a better start than last time.

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