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Suddenly a Yacht

I looked up from the pages of Manchester’s biography on Churchill titled The Last Lion to see not a hundred yards from me, another of comparable size and decorated as to denote an event such as is mine, but observed that he was being poorly sailed wallowing under too little a sail area. He did not show on AIS and I could not learn anything about the boat so I called on Channel 16. The boat and skipper are French and he is escorting a rowing craft that is rowing from France to French Guyana on the North Coast of South America. In the swells I could not see the rowing boat. The rower will not be the first to have rowed the Atlantic. Throughout the Caribbean such as at Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua one sees rowing shells that have made it across. Don’t worry this will be my next adventure as I have never seen the point in turning ones back on where you are desiring to go. I did not know it was Thanksgiving until I got an email wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. Well, I reflected I at least had turkey bacon for breakfast (ugh) along with two farm fresh unwashed eggs. On the subject of eggs America seems the only country where they are routinely refrigerated. In Europe they are sold on open shelving amongst items such as bread. Unrefrigerated and unwashed eggs (I managed to get six dozen of them) will keep for weeks without refrigeration. There is a simple test for their health - if they float they are gone. So to celebrate my Thanksgiving dinner I decided on a bottle of wine that I removed from the refrigerator only to find that some scoundrel had absconded with at least two glassfuls. If I catch the devil he will walk the plank. However if he is an officer - well then a few sharp words will have to do.

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