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Equator Crossed

Cocktail Hour Begins Early - at 4:16 local time here yesterday, I crossed the equator. This called for a small bottle of champagne to be opened (actually a screw top cava would you believe!). I poured a little into the sea to pay homage to Neptune and then a few drops more just in case he was with company - mermaids and all. Then I poured a little on the deck for Kiwi Spirit. Next up I shared my thanks with Betsy - she is the Secondary Autopilot and is doing a splendid job - reliable and responsive. I then, so as not to hurt the feeling of Arnold the Primary autopilot, troublesome and temporarily on strike, gave him a few drops also and then finally to the as yet unnamed reserve autopilot. Yes there was still some left for me. All is well. There is work to be done and sailing to be enjoyed. We are now across the equator and in steady trades. I am managing to stay east despite SE winds. Kiwi Spirit is just purring along.

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