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Strategy Unfolding

If you take into account the priority of my goals which are:

  • Return home safely

  • Be the oldest to have circumnavigated non-stop, non-assisted

Then of less importance

  • Beat Dodge Morgan's 150 day record from Bermuda and back

  • Beat Chuan's 137 day record for fastest cruising boat to circumnavigate - China and back

  • Establish a new record from St. Augustine and back

  • Be the first to do it all green - no diesel, gas, propane, butane just what I create from sun wind and water

Then, "racing" is not on the agenda. "Be kind to the boat and it will be kind to you" said Steve Pettengill, project manager for this attempt and I intend to do my best with that advice. For instance the other night I had a true wind angle of 50 degrees, true wind speed of 17 knots and was sailing with a first reef in the main and just the staysail out (not the bigger genoa). I was doing all of 7 to 8 knots. However I could have got two more knots, that’s fifty miles in a day, had I bought in the staysail and put out the larger genoa. But night was upon me, squalls come up fast and so I sailed on with the lesser amount of sail and slept well knowing I could handle a squall.

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