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Sailing Safe

I am wary in these waters as it was around here that most of the incidents leading to my withdrawal last year took place. For instance yesterday with north winds at 22 knots I under full main and genoa was making 11 and 12 knots. A great speed. But the seas were rough and the night was fast approaching. So I put in a reef reducing the mainsail area and bought in the genoa and ran out the smaller staysail. I lost a good knot or a little more of speed but Kiwi Spirit rode better and we smiled at one another.

I suspect there are many classifications of sailors but here is mine; harbour and estuary day sailors, offshore coastal sailors, cruising blue water sailors, fast blue water cruisers and professional blue water racers. I have a fast blue water cruising yacht that I am deliberately sailing safely. Should I break down I don’t have the luxury of trying again. Life at seventy seven is too short and I have much else to do and my wife bless her agrees! So its rule number one, sail well and get home safely. Breaking the records are of secondary consideration.

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