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Good News

Lately I have been a little wary as I have been passing through waters that caused me so much trouble last time namely broken end of boom, damaged luff rod on the staysail furler, loss of mainsail battens, loss of A2 spinnaker and finally the fittings holding rigging to the deck were providing inadequate for the task. And so I set course for Cape Town, South Africa and quit. This time by comparison I have lost one of my three autopilots and one of my two sets of wind instruments. That’s not bad and by comparison better than last time.

The only down note are the winds. In this part of the ocean according to the Pilot Charts, winds should come from the N, NW, W and SW in about equal proportions. The hardest one to sail and indeed the slowest is a wind from the W and that is all I am getting these past few days. Whereas last week I almost averaged 200 miles a day I am now down to some 160 miles a day and not all of that heading me where I want to go.

This is day 37 since Bermuda, plus the 6 days getting to Bermuda, so where is Dodge Morgan. Well I am still slightly ahead and will give a full account on day 40.

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