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Merry Xmas and Seasons Greetings to All

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, shopping (but I can’t do that), office and other parties, friends and family (none of that out here). Now I don’t want you to start feeling sorry for me as you greet, shake hands hug and kiss. Care not that this is the second Xmas in a row that I have missed. Think not of me as you eat fine foods and partake of adult beverages and designate someone to drive you home. I will be okay. I will somehow manage to try not to envy all of you and again please don’t feel sorry for me. A little maybe, but try not to shed a tear. Somehow I shall manage. Seriously I will enjoy. I have a small Xmas tree (plastic) in the corner and some presents wrapped in fine seasonal papers. I am keeping a fine wine for the occasion. So I shall celebrate with a bottle of sparkling cava. It’s not exactly a bottle, it is a miniature, about one glass size. Oh well.

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