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MS 150 Successful Completion

With an April 1st, 2016, start for the Bicycle Across America, 3000 miles in 30 days with only 3 day’s rest, for the Foundation for Physical Therapy, I thought an early test of my current riding skills would be in order. And so the MS 150 to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis organization seemed like a good challenge. Actually, don't believe the 150 as it was 166 miles over two days.

I rode solo most of the way as the groups of riders drafting one another were going too fast for this ex Ironman, but I finished in a good time. I did not take all the stops, but when I did, I did so briefly. At 78 I was most probably one of the three oldest in the event.

On the first day I became dehydrated and very light headed and decided not to make that mistake again and so I hydrated every hour after the second hour. On the second day, I crashed when my front wheel hit sand and left me with a skinned elbow and a hematoma on my right hip. My bike needed a little therapy and before long I was on my way again. All in all it was great fun.

Now off to New Zealand where I shall train three days a week in the mountain airs. I will pause to enjoy the fabulous scenery and to check on the local wine production. Retirement is a tough challenge!

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