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Bike Training - 3,000 miles in 30 days with 3 days rest for the Foundation

My training has been progressing well. I now have three bikes to choose from and will no doubt take two with me. Each bike has a different handle bar and seating arrangement. I have the standard road bike with drop handle bars, another with a hybrid straight across and triathlon aerobars and a third hybrid bike with a straight across bar. Seating is a problem and I am still experimenting to find comfort. The standard seat gives me pain and numbness. Larger seats are better and those with gel best of all. But extra gel pads and softening the tires by removing some air seem to help the most. Getting up off the seat frequently is good. Best news is that no matter how painful it is at the end of the ride I seem set to go the next day. I shall keep experimenting.

Currently I ride three times a week and 2 hours at a time. Here in Maine I am riding indoors on a trainer and can watch television and even read while putting in the miles. More good news is that my 78 year old stove pipe legs are getting back their old conical shape. Yes we lose some 20% of muscle mass for every decade over 50 years but I seem to getting back at least a shadow of my old rugby legs.

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