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Mountain Training in New Zealand

Florida is flat and so the hills and mountains of New Zealand are helping me with my preparation for the 3,000 miles in 30 days less than a month away. Training is going well. Butt discomfort is declining but back discomfort is increasing. In the photo will be seen some sheep in the field. New Zealanders total 4 million people and some 40 million sheep. Thank goodness sheep don’t get the vote.

I must admit to bike training being very enjoyable. I have always found swimming boring as its mile after mile of looking at the bottom of a pool - such sameness. Running is better as the scenery changes and it can be done with friends. Cycling is better still if you are not staring at someone else’s butt. I like to ride a hybrid and sit nearly upright and without anyone in front of me and here is New Zealand the scenery is very rewarding.

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