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Day 3 completed

Wow. We can do it. Day One after dipping our feet and rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean was only 52 miles to Pine Valley but mostly uphill. We summited 4,100 feet and descended just 500 feet. Day Two we summited 4,100 yet again then some more ups and downs and finally a 3,500 descent in a twenty minute time span. I had to brake to stay under 35 mph. A few miles on we were 100 feet below sea level – no roar or smell of the sea – just semi desert. The day ended at Brawley having completed 86 miles. Day Three a great day from sea level to over 1,000 feet to the Colorado river bordering with Arizona at Ehrenburg a distance of 86 miles. The three of us each have our own styles. Skylohr Taylor is the fastest but we may pass him while he naps by a canal. Hilmir plods consistently and I bring up the rear.

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