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Day 9 - A day of rest

Eight days of cycling and some 665 miles through heat and mountains of California, Arizona and now into New Mexico. Not yet averaging the 103 per day but none the less on schedule as planned. After Austin, Texas its flatter and we will be in increasingly good form - we hope. The ride is at times quite spectacular if you look beyond the first thirty feet littered with bottles and debris that is I see when driving at seventy but obvious at 13. The desert is pristine with mountains in the background. Cresting a ridge I usually dismount to take it all in - and to rest my butt.

The views don't always lend to photos for they are panoramic in that the vertical is small and the horizontal large. We are all three in great shape though each had butt problems that in my case have me experimenting every day with different seats and gel pads. Being 78 I now have a smaller butt and a larger gut. Some things can't be reversed.

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