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Two days to go on Thanksgiving

It's now just 48 hours, and I am still relaxed and ready. Some last minute shopping for green bananas and avocados, fresh bread and other perishables will be done tomorrow.

The hydraulic leaks have been fixed, all the new lines installed - ready. The weather forecast is not the best, with wind east north east, which is on the nose as I head for Bermuda. Consequently, I will head a little south till I get across the Gulf Stream, as two days the voyage winds go to the north and a Gulf Stream crossing would be very rough with wind against the current.

Television, newspapers and now a film company wanting a consultant - and I have not done anything much as of yet. One TV interviewer said "you look so relaxed" to which I replied: "do you want me to look frenetic?" But I am relaxed. It has been a three year plan to get to this stage and I have had great support from Farr Yacht Design and Lyman Morse the builders. None the less, I know we will have forgotten something, but I am sure I am well prepared and probably more so than was Dodge Morgan who admitted to not being ready when he set sail. I do have a great boat and she has proved that in the three international offshore races that I took part in and gained line honors (first to finish) in two of them.

I passed my medical for a relay swim on the English Channel next year (my third) and have had a battery of psychological tests with one more to go. I asked not to know the results until after I return. Even had some balance tests from our university and these shall be repeated on my return. This will be my last blog before I leave. Once I settle in there shall be more. Best wishes and thank you for your interest. Now let's see if I can break those records, but most important of all is to return home safely and that I shall do. Stay tuned.

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