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Freddy comes to Visit Kiwi Spirit II

Freddy Kaltenborn (94 years). Stanley had first visited physical therapist Freddy Kaltenborn in Norway in 1960 and accepted education from Freddy who had studied and mastered joint manipulation. Freddy knew manipulation worked but wanted to know why and so he reached out to other disciplines. What evolved became known as the Kaltenborn System. Stanley calls his professor, mentor and friend the first clinical scientist in physical therapy and had his university, the University of St Augustine, award Freddy an honorary doctorate of humane letters. Through the efforts initiated by Freddy Kaltenborn, physical therapy today has more therapists trained in manipulation than does chiropractic, and physical therapy working within medical science now dominates the field in quality practice and research. "Freddy and wife Traudi will have their names on Kiwi Spirit II even if I have to pay the $150." said Stanley.

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