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Kiwi Hoists New Mainsail

Kiwi Spirit II (KS2) is almost ready to set sail from Maine to St. Augustine. Some final touches and a close look at Hurricane Irma before departing.

The new Mainsail is a little smaller and has four reefs instead of three. We learned off Horta in the Azores during 40+ knots that on third reef and with staysail partially reefed we were still over powered when going to weather. We also have an improved head board which makes this square top design easier to completely reef when wishing to manage a storm under bare poles (no sail up at all). This time I am using Doyle Sails. Also have had made an extra heavy duty J2 (staysail) to use in the southern oceans.

Once in St Augustine the remainder of September will be training with son Alan and project manager Steve Pettengill. Early in October to the yard to have all excess weight removed – (anchor, chain, bow and stern thrusters etc.)

November 4th remains the departure date from St. Augustine for my third and final attempt at a solo nonstop circumnavigation.

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