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It's Almost Tomorrow

Oh my, I am ready. The boat is complete. Food is on board - canned, refrigerated, frozen, dehydrated and fresh. Full water tank and two adult beverages a day for 150 days. Milk powder to reconstitute 100 liters. Spares parts and repair materials. Redundancy. What have I forgotten?

I wish to thank all those who have contributed to this effort especially to my project manager Steve Pettengill, my son Alan who came up from New Zealand to assist and mostly my wife Catherine for allowing me to make this third and yes final attempt,

Mixed emotions of course. I accept the challenge of loneliness, of self reliance and perseverance. 

Two nights ago alone at a local restaurant the radio came on quite loudly and it played an Eagles favorite with the often repeated line “take it to the limit, take it to the limit one more time.” Indeed I will.

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