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Well on my way

Day Zero – Saturday November 18th

Departed St. Augustine at 10:00am and was released at the Outer Sea Buoy at 11:00. Good crowd on the City dock and another two dozen or so on the bridge. I counted 22 escort boats as KS2 with her tanks sealed was towed to the start. As we entered the cut smaller boats peeled away and some dozen as I hoisted sails while still to Boat US.

Sailed off in calm seas with full main and small Code Zero but before long had a breeze of 18 knots and knowing it was to go to 23 overnight placed in two reefs and put out my J2 (staysail).

Day 1 - Sunday Noon local time, Nov. 19th

Lat 30.12 Lo 78.12

159 miles GPS and 187 through the water. I will be recording here GPS miles though I will sail many more just as in driving a car from A to B.

Most winds. Boat squirreling and not tracking well as ten sweeps from one side to the other. It could be the way we are loaded but attention to trimming helps.

Day 2 - Monday Nov 20th

Lat 31.10 Lo 75.09. 166 miles

Trying to settle in but am feeling fatigued while I use muscles I have not used in a while and get used to sleeping in 45 min naps. Damaged two hydrogenator units in that they have lost their blades. One due to a small net that I snagged another to I don’t know – maybe a shark took a bight in which case it’ll have a serious dental problem. Have spare dozen but can’t afford to lose them at this rate. Having a problem keeping up the battery charge and am now down to 45%. I am trying to do this green. Do have a full load of diesel but was green all the way on my last two attempts so am trying again.

Day 3 - Tuesday Nov 21st

Lat 32.32 Lo 73

All’s well. Settling in. Getting my appetite back. Have had some heavy seas. Weather not favored to get to Bermuda as expected at this time of the year. Commanders (my weather service) forecast winds for tomorrow at 30-36 gusting 50. Oh well a good test of boat and crew. Will reef down tonight to possibly fourth reef which we have only recently added.

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