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Making Progress - An Update

With Thanksgiving weekend over people are returning to work here in Bermuda and we will be seeing today an electrician and a refrigeration expert. We have repaired three small holes in the mainsail, replaced a lost VHF antenna on the mast and replaced a hydro head. Additionally we found and believe we have corrected the fault with the water ballast tanks which were failing to hold water on the high side of the boat. What we can’t get help with here in Bermuda is the electronics B&G. Just no such talent so we are on the phone to stateside. We are hopeful we can make the corrections. Will do so tomorrow and go sailing to test.

It is looking good for a Saturday or Sunday restart/departure as the winds are to begin again and from a favorable NW direction.

It is unfortunate that setting a record of a non-stop from St. Augustine to St. Augustine, my home and the oldest city in the United States will not now be possible as I have stopped and received assistance in Bermuda. Of course, should I succeed I will no doubt be the first to have gone from St. Augustine and around the world and back solo. The principle records I am challenging remains the same – to be the oldest to solo circumnavigate and a second to break the record of Dodge Morgan from Bermuda back to Bermuda in 150 days, 6 hours and one minute.

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