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Kiwi Spirit Safe at Home

Kiwi Spirit is once again and all too soon at the end of my dock in St. Augustine, Florida. Plans have been laid to take care of the outstanding matters having to do with power generation, usage and monitoring. Then there is the entire electrical system including the less important refrigeration that needs re-calibration and finally some work still to be done on the autopilots. We also found that with much of the weight removed from the bow (anchor, chain and bow thruster) we might have contributed to the “squirreling” of the yacht underway and the extra work and thus power consumption by the autopilots. As a private pilot I understand weight ad balance and now we must apply that to the yacht. All is in hand, there is plenty of time.

We are also looking at a race or two and a training schedule. Yes, I shall try again but as likely or not I will sneak out early one mid-week morning as another spirited sendoff (22 boats last time) is just a little embarrassing to this 3 time looser.

Do remember that the reason I quit in Bermuda was to get things right – just too much power loss and not enough being generated to circumnavigate. However, services were slow or nonexistent, the clock was running out for weather in the Southern Ocean and then we learned that Bermuda and back to Bermuda is now under the rules. 340 miles short of being considered a “round the world” sail by the prestigious World Sailing Speed Record Council – but that St. Augustine via Bermuda around and back to St. Augustine does qualify. The decision was then an easy one. Go home and start again next October.

Don’t know when I shall next blog but have a happy festive season.

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