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Once I start don’t expect many Blogs

Given my three failed attempts I wish to not only low key my start but also my voyage – that is until I get further than before – get past South Africa. If all is well at that point, I will crack open a champagne, raise up my spirits, celebrate and no doubt have an increased sense of confidence. So, what are my goals for this voyage – they have changed.

1. To simply finish. I will place the welfare of the boat first and nurse her around the globe. It’s not about a speed record it’s about completing the voyage.

2. I would still like to break Dodge Morgan’s 150-day record from Bermuda and back to Bermuda. While his record no longer meets qualifying rules as a circumnavigation (short 346 nm) his voyage has been grandfathered in, and it is what has inspired me. He on a 60 footer and me on a 53 – it won’t be easy. Length at the waterline matters. However, I will chase Dodge Morgan.

3. Yes it would be good to be the oldest at 81 raising the record from 73, not that I like being old but rather it speaks to a lifetime of healthy engagement that I can even begin this effort.

4. I wish to remain green. On previous attempts I was green until retired i.e. no hydrocarbons such as in running the diesel generator relying instead on solar and hydro generation. Had I managed to continue that way I would have been the first to have soloed green but now Conrad Coleman has achieved that goal. Being second is OK so I shall try but not as hard.

There is no question that unlike many who entered into the Golden Globe they did not know what they were up against - I am fully aware. My two solos to South Africa and twice now from Newport to Bermuda as well as a St. Augustine to Bermuda – I am mentally prepared. With Steve Pettengill as Project Manager and once underway as my primary shore contact, I feel all that can be done has been done to make Kiwi Spirit II (KS2), the boat ready and sound.

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